On Death and Life

To anyone who has ever hedged or criticized someone who has committed suicide. Don’t.



We are not all of us leased to live a life filled with distractions from the basic truth that this world, shaped by us after our own image, is broken, and primarily so because we are each of us broken and are breaking it.

Some of us have looked long into that abyss, that true abyss, and some have been unable to see anything beyond that darkness. Some of us have a flesh that feels nothing but scarred, have eyes that seem to have seen nothing but broken edges and sharp things. These things are each of them deeply real. And we must mourn for those who could not escape them, who sensed this brokenness and nothing else.

For, despite all the dark broken shards, there is a light that refracts amongst them. And we are each blessed to have glimpsed enough of it to be breathing here, in this moment. For without that light, would we not, of necessity, have eventually joined them?

And yet, here we are.

Thanks be to God.