27 June 2017

Can there be a property that is universally predicated of every instance of a set that is not simply the definition of that set?

23 June 2017

It's the small things, the quiet ones, the moments between where meaning often runs deepest.

22 June 2017

Each and every day, I exist, for there is life in the small things, light among the sharp edges.

19 June 2017

This world chips away at us like waves against a cragg'd cliff, leaving us sharp yet fractal–complex by the simple iteration of the tide.

13 June 2017

You are asking questions in prose that can only be answered in poetry.

06 June 2017

Complexity is often no more than iterated simplicity.

04 June 2017

Are goodbyes as hard as their related memories are soft–memories made soft by my now foreignness in them? I often feel like a ghost in my own memories, haunting a moment that is not quite mine.

05 April 2016

"Oft evil will shall evil mar" - J.R.R. Tolkien (via Theoden)

11 March 2016

The best cure for the past is the present

11 March 2016

Everything a word, not everything a meaning

07 March 2016

I, who wear the horns

06 March 2016

Who am I that You are mindful of me?

05 March 2016

Forever the mind races; forever the body reacts. And life keeps spinning all around me.

23 February 2016

In brokenness we find a chaotic refracted beauty that immediately reveals itself to be real and all other beauty to be some mathematical abstraction, some too clean facsimile.

20 February 2016

I am now swimming against the grain.

20 February 2016

The greatest lie the world ever told was that you deserve to be loved.

13 February 2016

"You are more powerful than you think you are, act accordingly." - Seth Godin

10 February 2016

Patience …

09 February 2016

Sometimes the most loving action is inaction.

04 February 2016

To love is nothing more than to see another as fully human.

19 January 2016

Pain is a yoke requiring another.

15 January 2016

A man’s greatest threats are often the barely bearable burden and the barely there burden.

01 January 2016

The discrete is nothing but an accident of the infinite.

21 October 2015

Analogies are broken fractals.

22 September 2015

Full communication is actually impossible, and the degree of communication we do have is a total miracle.

22 September 2015

To understand and be understood, that is the quest.

14 February 2012

I have come to fret the night, the simple silence that it offers.