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Version: 1.0.1

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BibQuery is essentially a visual clone of ZotQuery for the Mac app BibDesk, which is a citation manager for BibTeX. Users of BibDesk can now enjoy the clean search interface found in ZotQuery, with clear icons for publication type and clean presentation of publication data.


Users can also search their .bib databases with the same variety of queries:

  • general (keywords: bib or b)
  • titles (keywords: bib:t or bt)
  • creators (keywords: bib:a or ba)
  • in-keyword (keywords: bib:nk or bnk)
  • in-group (keywords: bib:ng or bng)
  • for keyword (keywords: bib:k or bk)
  • for group (keywords: bib:g or bg)

Also of note, BibQuery works without BibDesk being open and even functions if you have multiple .bib databases that BibDesk manages. In short, BibQuery brings all of your citations to you.

Once you find the item you’re looking for, BibQuery currently has 3 possible actions:

  • you can open up BibDesk to that item (simply press return)
  • you can copy a LaTeX cite command for that item (simply press control+return)
  • you can open that item’s PDF attachment, if it has one (simply press shift+return)