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This is my personal fork of Matthew Mueller’s dots repo.



(mkdir -p /tmp/dots && cd /tmp/dots && curl -L | tar zx --strip 1 && sh ./


The goal of reboot is to automate the process of getting your operating system from a stock build to a fully functional machine.

Reboot should be the first thing you download and run to get your computer set up.

This library tries to be organized like a node application, while working within the constraints of bash.

Mac OS X

The OS X build does the following:

  • install homebrew
  • installs binaries (graphicsmagick, python, sshfs, ack, git, etc.)
  • sets OS X defaults
  • installs applications via homebrew-cask (one-password, sublime-text, virtualbox, nv-alt, iterm2, etc.)
  • sets up the ~/.bash_profile
  • handle custom icons for applications