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Spritzr is a relatively simple workflow that allows you to speed-read text on your Mac using Spritz-style techniques. The simple idea is that one word of your input text is displayed at a time in quick enough succession that you are no longer Sub-Vocalizing, which is the largest impediment to reading at a comfortable, yet swift pace. The added layer of nuance, however, is that each word is positioned around the so-called Optimal Reading Position. To borrow an image from the Spritz website, the difference between most electronic speedreaders and Spritz-style speedreaders is the alignment of the words:


This workflow achieves a similar affect, thus making reading simpler and faster.

NOTICE: I wrote all of this software from scratch and have no affiliation with the Spritz company. I was inspired by other open-source projects that attempt to mirror the Spritz functionality: OpenSpritz and spritz-cmd, but this software has no relation to Spritz aside from appearances.

Spritzr currently only has one command: spritz. This takes text input which will be parsed and displayed in the Spritzr window.


Alternatively, you can pass text files (.txt, .md, .mmd) into Spritzr using the File Action File Spritzr. This will parse and display the text content of that file in the Spritzr window.


There are two settings, which can be changed using the spritzr:set keyword:

  • Words per Minute
  • Reading Mode

If you which to change your wpm, simply invoke spritzr:set and input an integer (the default is 250). If you which to change the reading mode, invoke spritzr:set and input either dark or light (the default is light).

Dark Mode: spritzr_dark.png

Light Mode: spritzr_light.png

Other than that, you can just start spritzing!